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StreetConnect provides investor relations and financial communications services to increase the investment community's awareness of a public company.   We develop a tailored plan for our clients based on evaluations of their current communications and perceptions of the investment community.

StreetConnect performs a wide range of on-going daily, monthly and annual activities that are required for a first-class IR program, including:​

  • Facilitating effective institutional meetings. 

  • Developing and enhancing investor presentations, press releases, conference calls, collateral and websites.

  • Effectively managing investor inquires. 

  • Maintaining and leveraging detailed financial database.

Our deep experience and team-approach is very cost-effective, and our specialized database of over 20,000 contacts makes it easy to target fund managers, analysts and financial media.  With thousands of public companies, we can help get your company's investment story on their "radar screens." 

StreetConnect has experience with all kinds of financial communications challenges -- including missing quarterly analysts’ expectations, mergers and acquisitions, major strategic re-alignments and changing product mix, significant organizational and management changes, serious litigation, selective disclosures, losing sell-side analyst coverage, Internet hype and slander, and more.

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